Step 1: Pelvic floor muscle training for men: What are pelvic floor exercises?


The “Kegel exercises” ( pelvic floor exercises for men), named after the doctor who discovered it, Dr. Arnold H. Kegel, are exercises that aim to strengthen the pubic coccygeal muscle. This muscle extends from the pubic bone to the coccyx and works like a hammock, where the pelvic organs rest.

Pelvic floor muscle training for men

Pelvic Organs

The pubis and coccyx muscle, commonly known as the PC-Muscle,
is of paramount importance as it is the muscle which contracts during orgasm. Moreover, it is also the muscle that is responsible for controlling urine flow.

In the
following step  we will show you, where your pubic bone-coccyx muscle is and how you can identify it on your body.


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